My Sacred Cancer Journey

My name is Cally Pivano Tendrick, I was a runner and now I am a stage 4 Cancer Warrior. In November of 2013, I was devastated when I lost my twin sister, Sue, to cancer.

In November of 2016, I was diagnosed as well. It was then that I lost the ability to enjoy my passion for running when I had a soft ball sized tumor and most of my quadricep muscles removed from my left thigh. The same thigh that I would place my laptop on for hours every day.

I was informed that radiation may have caused my cancer but I could not fathom how. Then one day it hit me; my laptop. I spent hours upon hours with my laptop on the same area of my thigh where the tumor formed unaware that I should not have kept my laptop on my lap. You see, I never took the time to find or read any of the elusive disclaimers pertaining to my devices; who does?

When I did read the manual for my laptop, I was infuriated and deeply saddened to read that it should be kept a minimum 20 cm (8 inches) from the body! It’s a LAP top; isn’t that where most people believe they can safely place it? I have since learned about the link between mobile device radiation (cell phones, notebooks, notepads)and cancer.

I am not here to create hysteria, I am here to create awareness. Had there been a prominently displayed warning label (just as they appear on a pack of cigarettes)to alert me of the dangers of radiation, I never would have jeopardized my ability to run let alone my life.

Please join me on My Sacred Cancer Journey through my blog which runs in chronological order with the newest posts on top. 

If I can educate just one person about how to safely use these devices, (cell phones, notebooks, tablets, laptops) while helping others who have also been touched by cancer, then my cancer journey will not have been in vain.