Radiation Commences

On Wednesday, December 21st 2016 I started the first of 35 radiation treatments. In order for my body to start healing from the extensive surgery that removed my quadricep muscles, I  needed to wait about a month before I could start radiation. 

During that month, I endured significant pain, fell down twice and cried many times over my fate.  If it were not for my husband, Larry, I don’t know how I would have gotten through any of it. He has been so supportive and loving; keeping my spirits high with love and humor.  A couple of weeks after I got home from the hospital, he helped me to walk around the house on my crutches while humming the Chariots of Fire theme song..it was pretty funny. He would also make heart shapes out of the meals he served me like mashed potatoes served in the shape of a heart or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.    It’s the love and support from all of my family that continues to help heal me.

Approximately one two weeks before I started radiation treatment, I met with the latest additions to my medical team, Dr. Sang Sim who I selected due to his experience with sarcoma and Joe Fennell, the Chief Therapist of Radiation Oncology; they are both compassionate, intelligent and funny. Joe explains that he will be tattooing my leg with various dots so that the radiation therapists have a guideline to follow. He will also be making a mold of my leg that will help them get my leg into the precise position needed for treatment.

On my first day of treatment, Kim & Jen, the radiation techs that I will get to know well, greet me and lead the way to the radiation room. They are both very sweet and explain to me what to expect. They tell me to lay on the table and position my lower extremities in the mold that was formed specifically for me before leaving me alone. My treatments will take place every day at 10 am preceded three times a week by physical therapy. Instead of going to work, this is now my new routine.

The Elekta radiation machine rotates around my motionless body. In disbelief, I see my name lighted up on the monitor; how is this happening to me?

The background Christmas music brings memories of holidays gone by filled with family, love and joy. I lay there motionless as tears quietly stream down my face.

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