A Visit To Mary’s Place By The Sea

I was grateful to get a good night’s sleep last night which left me feeling somewhat rested today; at least rested enough to be able to visit Mary’s Place By The Sea.

Mary’s Place is a non- profit organization located in a beautiful Victorian home that provides a warm and loving sanctuary for women undergoing cancer treatment. They are located in Ocean Grove, NJ a lovely and historic seaside town next to Asbury Park (where it all began for Bruce Springsteen). They provide services such as massage, Reiki, meditation, journal writing classes and more. You can also make a reservation to stay overnight and all of it is free! I found out about them when I saw their brochure at my doctor’s office in Newark and then again locally at the hospital where I am getting radiation.

I went for the first time today and met some very nice women. We ate a delicious and healthy lunch together and shared our stories.

Lisa is a 45 year old who looks at least 10 years younger than that. She got married in July and was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. Then there was Robin who is undergoing treatment for colon cancer, Maura who had a mastectomy and Diane who has it throughout her body. You would think that it would be a depressing place to go to but it wasn’t. It felt good being with other women who are having similar experiences. We also shared words of wisdom along with some not so nice words too!

After lunch, we met with Wendy, a life coach who talked about dealing with different levels of energy and then we participated in a group meditation with Susan who also performed Reiki on us. I brought Angel Peace blankets to distribute to the women who were visiting and they loved them.

It truly was a beautiful day; I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to have met so many caring and supportive people on this journey!

If you are a woman undergoing cancer treatment, it is a very nurturing and supportive environment and I urge you to check them out:

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