Experiencing The Sacred Bond Of Cancer

Today was day number 18 of radiation therapy. This has been an amazing time for me. As my daily routine has evolved from going to work into going to physical therapy and radiation, I have found this to be a comforting time. Instead of rushing around trying to meet deadlines, I am seeing people on a daily basis who are like me, dealing with this crazy disease.

We share a feeling of kinship in our sacred bond with cancer. Instead of dealing with sales quotas, I am dealing with human emotions. The people in the radiation oncology department at Monmouth Medical Center are so nice and I already know that I will miss them. I take comfort lying on the couch in our home thinking about all of the love that I am surrounded with.

I am starting to feel progress and realize that I’m getting better and soon will be back to work amidst the hustle and bustle. I’m starting to feel that I do have a shot at running and being active again. I’m also hopeful that I will be able to enjoy the spring and summer that’s to come. I know that when I return to work, I will miss Larry and our dog, Joey, along with the times that we have shared during my recovery. It has been such a touching and emotional period in my life.

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