Giving Out Angel Peace Blankets

I began giving out Angel Peace blankets today. Angel Peace blankets are blankets that I had created in Sue’s memory with the intention of donating them to cancer patients. When Sue was getting chemotherapy, the facility was cold and they did not have blankets for the patients. Fortunately, I did have a nice soft blanket in my car which became Sue’s “chemo blanket”.

The name came to me because I wanted to spread the peace of Angels to others to help them feel cared for and not alone. I had the logo created by a talented artist and friend, Paul Gourhan, who Sue and I went to high school with. I wanted a logo that would embody Sue. Hence the halo that is a bit off to the side!

I had no idea at the time that I would be a cancer patient myself while giving the blankets out. It was a wonderfully rewarding feeling, telling them about my twin sister while giving out the blankets to the other cancer patients in chemo and radiation therapy.

One patient said God Bless you….I said God Bless us all. I told each patient to stay strong and that they are never alone when they are getting their treatments or ever!

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