Making progress

Today is my 22nd day of radiation…only 13 more to go! I met a nice woman in the waiting area who was on oxygen and getting treated for lung cancer. She has also had bladder cancer and her husband was treated last year for prostate cancer. I gave her an Angel Peace blanket and she hugged me.

There are so many inspiring people that I have met as a result of this disease. One of them is a woman named Gayle. She has long gray hair and gets transported to the hospital daily. She uses a wheelchair because she has one leg. We see each other every day; sometimes with a brave smile and sometimes in tears. As with most of the other patients, we support and respect each other.

Since my diagnosis, my life has revolved around feelings, emotions and the fragility of life instead of having my head filled with work deadlines and quotas.

It seemed so long ago that I was in the hospital in Newark and it amazes me how far I have come. The last time I was there, I had to sit in the back seat of the car because I was in too much pain to sit in the front with my leg down. Now, I am almost walking without my cane and am feeling so much better. This has been such a raw and poignant time in my life. I will miss the moments of drinking my coffee while sitting on the couch with Larry and our dog, Joey, feeling blessed and loved.

I have made some really great strides in the last week and will soon be back to work leading a “normal” life. I will miss this time too so I am cherishing every moment of my recovery.

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