Thirty-Five Rounds Of Radiation Completed!

I did it! My last radiation treatment is over; thirty-five rounds behind me!!!!!! There is a major snowstorm that started last night and made it extremely treacherous but I was not going to miss it! When I came home, I saw a beautiful cardinal outside…was it a sign?

Laying on the table as the Elekta radiation machine rotated around me, I cried tears of gratitude and hoped that this would be the last time that I will ever have to do this. I remember my first round of radiation; laying on the table crying as Christmas music played in the background while memories of Christmas’ past with Daddy and Sue flooded my mind. I cried thinking about how scared I was while wondering how could this have happened to me.

The radiation burns are still very painful; I ended up in tears at Kohls last week because of them. I was a mess because I almost couldn’t walk fast enough to get to the bathroom due to the pain. There are low points that can really shake you up through an ordeal like this and that was one of them….so was me falling down twice at home after surgery. In addition to perseverance, this disease can also teach you humility and gratitude.

But for now, thirty-five rounds of radiation are behind me and I can finally begin to heal.

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