Road To Recovery

I went to see Dr. Patterson for my follow-up visit and to get the results of the first CT scan since my surgery. Thankfully, no tumors were found!

I am on disability until March 20th and will return on a part time basis to start due to fatigue from the radiation and the lack of control of my left leg. I walk around the house without my cane because I have things to hold on to like furniture or counter tops. I don’t go out without it because my leg sometimes gives out as I walk. Even though I began grueling physical therapy in December, my leg is still very weak.

On a happier note, I donated 200 Angel Peace blankets in Sue’s memory to Monmouth Medical Center so that they can be distributed to their cancer patients.

I am happy to be healing but am apprehensive about my return to work and the real world. I’m also fearful about the possibility of the cancer returning but am not going to dwell on it. I keep telling myself to replace fear with faith.

All I can do is live my life fully and hope and pray for the best as I continue on the road to recovery.

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