Celebrating Life

My birthday is in three days; I’m have feelings of trepidation before it as I have for the past six years. I am so grateful to be alive, absolutely a reason to celebrate but also very bittersweet because I miss my twin sister, Sue and this will be my first birthday without my Mom.

I will be attending a Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup For The Soul) seminar on my birthday and I think the timing is excellent. My intention for my birthday is to embrace the day while celebrating Sue and I with happy memories.

If there is one thing that I learned from Sue’s passing; it’s to never take anyone for granted; don’t ever assume that they are always going to be there.  I know that Sue is with me but I really wish that she were here in person to help me through this journey. Maybe she’s helping me more from the other side than she could have here. A twin is a twin always. I often wonder when people ask if I have any brothers or sisters, do say I was a twin or I am a twin?  I choose the latter, I am, it is who I am, I am a twin! Whether she is here or in Heaven, she is still a part of me.

On this birthday and every day, I choose to embrace my life. This disease has taught me how very much I want to live. Life can be so wonderful; it is truly a gift…one that I am truly grateful for. Sometimes it isn’t easy but I’m alive, I’m still alive and that means a lot. 

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