A Disturbing Epiphany

I had a disturbing epiphany three days ago. I was thinking about the tablet that my grandson, Parker, received for his birthday. I was concerned about the consequences of radiation exposure to him and other children because tablets have the same components as cell phones. Remember how we were warned about the dangers of cell phone radiation when they first came out?

Then the epiphany hit me. The tumor in my thigh developed in the very same spot where I used to place my laptop for hours and hours.

This realization really upset me; not only has my life been completely altered; it has been jeopardized. I have lost the ability to enjoy my passion of running along with many other activities that I used to enjoy while living each day fearing for my life…all because of a laptop.

I found the owner’s manual for my laptop and read that it should be kept 8-12 inches away from your body! I’m exceedingly upset and angry that there were no warning labels to alert me. I had no idea about the dangers of radiation. NONE! Had I known, I never would have kept the laptop on my leg. It’s a LAP top…who knew it should not be placed on your lap?

As I thought more about the information that I found, I became very concerned. What about all of the children who use tablets daily while placing them on their laps? People need to know…

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