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Prior to learning about the tumor in my lung, I applied to speak at a Ted Talk in Asbury Park, NJ and was chosen to audition. I was thrilled to be chosen and worked ardently gathering research for my speech. The topic that I would be speaking about was, The chaos of cancer and the possible link between mobile device radiation and cancer.

On the way to the event, the doctor that I met with from Fox Chase Cancer Center returned my call; I had left her a message for clarification on my prognosis to make sure there were no misunderstandings. She called confirming what she had told me in person; I may only have twelve to twenty-four months left to live. At that point, my husband, Larry, wanted to turn around and go home but I adamantly refused.

Despite my anxiety over the news I received from my doctor, I gave my speech and it was received very well. The best part was that I helped to create awareness among the audience about how to safely use these devices. I had several women of various ages thank me because they often sleep with their cell phones or carry them in their bra.

Mothers thanked me because they felt that their children won’t listen when they tell them not to sleep with their phones under their pillows. They also expressed concern about radiation being emitted even if it’s placed on a pillow on their lap under their device to protect themselves; it doesn’t.

After giving the speech, I also had the opportunity to speak on multiple occasions at our local community college. My objective is to continue to create awareness (not hysteria) about this topic.

I make a point of telling parents of small children to place their devices (tablets and cell phones) on airplane mode when their children are using them. This will stop the microwave radiation emissions. Children are more susceptible to tissue damaging agents because of their developing nervous systems and because of greater penetration and absorption of cell phone and tablet radiation in their brains.

In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics states:
The AAP supports the review of radiation standards for cell phones in an effort to protect children’s health, reflect current cell phone use patterns, and provide meaningful consumer disclosure. Providing parents with information about any potential risks arms them with the information they need to make informed decisions for their families. The AAP advocates for more research into how cell phone exposure affects human health long term, particularly children’s health. ​
Here is the link detailing this:

Just as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates, legislation needs to be passed requiring warning labels to be placed on mobile devices (as they appear on a pack of cigarettes) so that everyone will be aware of how to safely use them.

Consumption of cigarettes peaked around 1945 yet it took the government 20 years to finally put warning labels on them. How many more years have to pass and how many more people have to get sick or die before warning labels are required by law?

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