Brielle Is Born!

My newest grandbaby, Brielle, was born on November 14th! She is the second daughter for my son, Rich and his wife Kendra; Ava, is their firstborn.

Ava was so happy about becoming a big sister. She wants to hold Brielle and even at 3 years of age, she acts like a little mother.

Having raised two boys and having two grandsons, I am elated to have Brielle as my second granddaughter!

Brielle’s birth gives me continued hope that everything is going to be OK. It was a year ago that I was in the hospital to have the tumor in my leg removed. Fast forward to this year and I am so very grateful to be here celebrating the birth of Brielle. She is so beautiful just like her sister and resembles her Daddy so much it’s unbelievable and Ava looks like what her mom, Kendra, looked like as a child too.

Being a grandparent is so awesome! It’s almost like you get to hold your baby all over again especially when the grandbaby resembles what your baby looked like. You get to play and have fun and then they go home!

My grandchildren are such a blessing. It’s like a doubling of the love; you love your child so much and then your baby has a baby. They fill my life with such joy; I truly am blessed and may God always bless Brielle and all of my children and grandchildren.

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