Exercise Therapy For The Body & Mind

I am struggling with depression….is it post-traumatic stress disorder? I should be feeling relieved that my first CT scan came back negative yet I feel like the old Cally is dead….the girl who could do anything….now I feel like a handicapped old woman.

I joined the cancer exercise program at a local gym on Monday. It will be a great way to ease myself back into working out with the assistance of a trainer. Working out will help me to feel like my old self again and I know that it will help to lift the depression.

It felt so good and “normal” to be back at the gym. I certainly felt my limitations when I couldn’t even lift 5 pounds with my injured left leg on the leg extension machine; I used to have legs of steel!

As I started out with my trainer, I was introduced to a woman who also signed up for the program. She is a cancer survivor who used to enjoy running (like me) but had to stop because she had to have a tumor removed from her spine. We trained together but when we were done, she quit because she was annoyed that the trainer wanted her to perform certain moves that were too painful for her. Before she quit, I tried to convince her not to give up. I also told her how important it is to speak up and let the trainer know what you are feeling. She said she had been to a few other gyms prior to joining my gym and quit them as well.

When you are living with cancer it is so important to speak up and be your own advocate!

I love working out and I’m so happy to be back at the gym. It’s my therapy and my fountain of youth. It will help lift the depression and in time, it will help me to get back my legs of steel!

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