Glimpses of Heaven

I went for my quarterly PET Scan on Thursday. It felt similar to the one I had in February when I had the flu. This time, instead of the flu, I had a bad cold. I took a tissue in with me but it was useless. Having your arms strapped down in the scan kind of made it difficult to blow my nose!

Thankfully, I’m feeling better. It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) another summer of fun spending time outdoors.

It’s a beautiful night and I’m sitting outside looking at nature’s light show. Bolts of lightning in the sky create bursts of color. The full moon is shining and lighting up the sky as it silhouettes the dark clouds. Distant sounds of thunder rolling in can be heard as surges of light continue to burst behind the clouds.

It’s like seeing glimpses of Heaven; such an amazing and beautiful night.

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