God Gives Me The Strength

I went for my three-month CT scan yesterday and had an allergic reaction to the contrast iodine that was given to me intravenously.

It wasn’t too bad, I broke out in hives and started sneezing. They immediately took my blood pressure, gave me Benadryl and plenty of water to drink. I was so tired, I just wanted to go home and collapse.

After finishing work, I went to my acupuncture appointment which is helpful for the lymph edema. I also had an appointment for a lymphatic massage. Unfortunately, I showed up a half an hour early because my foggy brain messed up the time. I ended up going home and laying down for the rest of the day because I was just too tired to stay.

Sometimes, I just don’t know how I have the strength to get through the day yet somehow I do. Yes, I am apprehensive just like every other cancer patient that has to go for quarterly scans but I have found that my meditation practice has helped alleviate most of the apprehension and anxiety that I experience before, during and after my scans. Meditation also helps to calm and center me anytime that I am stressed, connects me to my inner God voice and helps me to practice positivity and gratitude.

Thankfully, God gives me the strength to get through each day while helping me to maintain a positive outlook.

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