Groundhog Day

Sunday, February 2nd 2020

It’s February 2nd and I’m still here! Ironically, it’s Groundhog Day; get up, get dressed and do it all over again.

Despite the repetition, I am so grateful to be alive. It was four weeks ago today that I was discharged from the hospital and I begged God just to give me two weeks to get my affairs in order. Thankfully, I’m still here feeling very, very grateful.

For someone that has always been very independent, it is a bit frustrating because I now have to rely on others for everything. I can’t drive and I still can’t exercise; two things that I loved to do. Honestly at this point, I don’t even feel up to exercising anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up.

I am trying to do whatever I can to make it very easy for my family after I’m gone. It’s very, very hard knowing that they’re going to experience one of the biggest losses of their lives or at least a very big loss and I won’t be here to comfort them, at least not in the flesh.

I’ve decided to pursue experimental immunotherapy and I have an appointment tomorrow to learn more about it. I also want to find a good Chinese herbalist. I’m trying to be more hands on in my recovery because it seems like some of the doctors think I’m a lost cause at this point. But, I’m not ready to give up by accepting their prognosis.

I also have an appointment for Friday to see Karen Noe; she is a psychic medium and healer. Amazingly when I was in the hospital, a good friend of mine had an appointment to see her. Karen has a two-year waiting list but my friend, Lisa, happened to have an appointment with her while I was in the hospital. Lisa was in the middle of her reading when Karen asked her who Anna was. She said Anna had a message about her daughter (me!) who was very sick in the hospital; Anna is my Mom who passed eight months ago. Her message was for Lisa to let me know that I am not alone and that she is helping me from the other side.

That really blew my mind because my daughter in law’s mom went to a different medium while I was in the hospital. She had a similar message only it was from both my Mom and my twin sister, Sue.

After hearing this news from Lisa, I emailed Karen (without telling her I was Anna’s daughter). I just wrote her about my dire health situation and she emailed me back telling me to come in on February 7th. I don’t know what she can do but maybe she may have some messages that will help ease my concerns and fears.

In a positive turn of events, I received an email from Dr. Devra Davis. Dr. Davis is an amazing woman who served as President Clinton’s appointee to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board from 1994 to 1999, and is the president of EH Trust. EH Trust is a non-profit organization focusing on drawing attention to man-made health threats such as mobile device radiation. The reason for her email was to let me know that she gave a speech in front of 100,000 people who watched her speak online and she dedicated her talk to me while showing them my Ted talk video where I spoke about the link between mobile device radiation and cancer.

After her speech, I started getting emails and connection requests on LinkedIn from people in and out of the country. So, I’m really super anxious and excited to get this blog going. I just want enough time to create the awareness before I’m gone so that hopefully, no one will ever have to experience what I’ve been through.

So, what started out as a monotonous Groundhog Day filled with redundancy turned into a day filled with promise and hope.

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