I Don’t Want To Be Pitied…I’m Still Me!

Today starts the beginning of my fourth week back to work……amazing how fast the weeks fly by. I’ve been working part time and was still able to land a decent account that the office has been trying to get for years and yet somehow, I did it! The owner of the business that I was working with had a stroke 2 years ago. She is only a couple of years older than me yet her life has been changed forever too.

I am doing well at work, although I get very tired. Dr. Patterson extended my part time hours until June 26th due to my fatigue. It didn’t help that I took a bad fall while working out with my trainer at the gym last Monday night. I was doing lunges while holding on and then, out of nowhere, my leg gave out. I think it hurt more mentally than physically; landing that account certainly was a boost.

I sometimes feel that my co-workers get uncomfortable around me. Especially when they hear me scheduling a scan or see me wincing in pain when I walk.

I don’t want to be pitied…I just want to be well…I’m still me!

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