Jack Brian Is Born!

My newest grandbaby, Jack Brian, was born on June 13th! He was born on the same day as my grandfather, Antonio and is the second child for my son, Dave and daughter in law, Christa. Parker is their firstborn and my firstborn grandchild. I enjoy spending time with him so much. He is elated about being a big brother! He’s so funny; before Jack was born, he told Dave and Christa that he wanted a baby brother but he wanted a “good one”! I hope Jack keeps up his end of the bargain!

If there is one magic cure all for me, it’s my grandchildren. I always say that they are my best medicine. There is Parker who is almost five, Ava who is 3 and now Jack has arrived! Ava, my only girl, is the daughter of my son, Rich and his wife, Kendra who have another baby on the way in November.

They fill my heart with so much love. Even when they are not here, I get a smile on my face just thinking about them. They make me laugh, help me to forget and brighten my life. I am so very blessed to have them.

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