On The Mend

Ugh…got the flu twice in February. I also had to get my PET scan while I had it and it sucked! I had to fast so I couldn’t take any medication. It was by the grace of God and my meditating experience that got me through it. If there is one trait that endures from my running days, it’s the ability to mentally push myself past my limits. Thankfully the scan came back clean!

At the advice of my doctor, I started going back to physical therapy to help me deal with the pain in my leg. In addition, I made a commitment to take an antidepressant. The doctor said it’s no different than any other medicine that you would take if you had a chronic condition. Considering everything that I have been through, it’s not a surprise that I was depressed!

Work has been difficult; it’s been very slow but I closed three pieces of business in five days! It was a huge accomplishment for any sales person let alone someone dealing with this illness and working reduced hours. Mentally, it was a big boost for me and I feel like I’m making great strides in many areas of my life.

I am concerned and feeling guilty about not being able to visit and spend as much time as I’d like with my Mom. I feel like I’m being pulled in several directions which isn’t helping my fatigue. I’m trying to juggle work, medical appointments (for the both of us) and helping her out in general.

Thankfully, she is understanding but I know that she gets lonely and likes it when we spend time together…I like spending time with her too!

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