National Cancer Survivors Day

Angel Peace Blanket Tag

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivors Day and Monmouth Medical Center, the hospital where I received my radiation treatments, had a big event to celebrate the day.

There were survivors’ like myself who attended and were acknowledged for our bravery. There were also emotional tributes to honor the memories of our loved ones who have passed.

Being a survivor, it was a special day for me. What made it extra special, was the distribution of my Angel Peace blankets; all cancer survivors who attended the event were given one.

Each blanket had a tag that read: “These blankets were kindly donated to the Cancer Support Community at MMC by Cally Pivano, a cancer survivor. Cally’s motivation to create these blankets was to spread love and warmth to other cancer survivors in loving memory of her twin sister, Sue. We thank Cally for her generosity.”

I cried tears of sadness for Sue and happiness for what I had accomplished in her memory.

We are not victims…we are survivors!

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