With a Heavy Heart…

To everyone who has visited this site looking to share tales of hope and inspiration, it is with a very heavy heart that we want to share with you the passing of this site’s founder, the original Cancer Warrior girl, and the strongest woman we have ever met, Cally.

Cally created this site to make a difference and help others. When she was not able to work anymore she found purpose in her day by creating this CancerWarrior.com site with the hope that it just might help others.

Cally was my wife, a devoted mother of two sons, and a loving grandmother of 4 grandchildren. Her family meant everything to her.  She was incomparably the most courageous loving person I ever met.  Her smile and energy could light up a room.   There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.   

Cally would want us to remember the good and try to replace the tears of sorrow with a smile thanking God that we met and had such an amazing relationship and journey together.  The Cancer was a horrible thing, but it really made our love even deeper. 

I know that Cally would not want people to be discouraged because she has passed. 

Everybody’s experience is different and positive attitude, knowledge and love really makes a difference.  

Cally was the type of person who always wanted to turn a negative into a positive.  She lost her twin sister to cancer 7 years ago, and so she was inspired to create blankets to share with chemo patients to keep them warm during treatments.  Then after her own cancer diagnosis 5 years ago, she created this site in hopes of inspiring other’s to stay courageous, and to know they weren’t fighting alone.  Knowing she was helping others helped give her the strength to keep fighting as long as she did.

When it was time, Cally was with her family. She had strong faith and strongly believed she had an amazing life, even if her physical stay on this earth was shorter than she would have liked. She left this earth in March, just 4 months ago but was excited for the next part of her journey; to be with God, and her family, friends, and pets that she had missed for so long.  She didn’t fear the end; she embraced what God had planned for her next.  

We wanted to share this information with you in hopes that everyone who visits here and reads this continues to share stories of hope and inspiration.  That is what Cally would have wanted; for her message to live on.  She wanted people to inspire others and we hope you will continue to do that.

While we will do the best we can to manage and keep this site going, we hope that all of you reading it now will take the time to reflect upon a courageous part of your journey and share it here with others.  That is what this site was meant for. We will continue to try to read, share, and respond to all those that visit and share their stories here.

I wish everybody hope, recovery, and a positive outlook, and thank you so much for being a part of Cally’s journey.

With Love, 

Larry Tendrick, Proud Husband of the Late Cally Pivano Tendrick


Dave Porta and Rich Porta – Loving sons of Cally


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